Monday, 19 January 2015

Ultimately, God is Spirit

"God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth."   John 4:24

We learn from the Word that God is Spirit, therefore unseen.  It is because He is Spirit that He can be everywhere at the same time, but how exactly does He do that?  How fast does He have to travel and how does He get there in time?

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Jesus, as the Bible rather clearly states, is God in the flesh, nothing more and nothing less.

The Father is really ONLY revealed in the Old Testament.  This is where the Father character of God really shines through.  Over the decades, I have seen how often Christians did not grasp who He (God) really is because of their lamentable ignorance of the Old Testament.

The Old Testament sets the type.  The New Testament brings it alive.  One echoes the other and neither can be understood without the other.

Their is inference (metaphorical speech) all through the Bible.  In these, there are many situations that depict (paint a picture) of the message conveyed, the principle taught.  In these, He appears as the Father and many times as 'the Angel of the Lord" meaning Jesus.

He has many functions, therefore even many names, yet "Hear, oh Israel, your Lord is ONE"!

  1. Adonai - Sovereign Lord
  2. El Elyon - Lord Most High
  3. Elhoha / Elohim - Mighty Strong One
  4. El Olam - Everlasting God (the Name of Jesus in Isaiah 9:6-7)
  5. El Roi - the All-Seeing God
  6. El Shaddai - God is Sufficient
  7. JHWE Elohim - Eternal Creator (and we know Jesus created all)
  8. JHWE Jireh - Lord our Provider
  9. JHWE Nisi - Lord Our Banner
  10. JHWE Rapha - Lord Our Healer
  11. YHWE Shalom - Lord Our Peace
  12. YHWE Tsikednu - Lord Our Righteousness
  13. YWHE Sabbaoth - Lord of Lords/Hosts
  14. YHWE Rohi - Lord Our Shepherd
  15. YHWE Hoseenu - Lord Our Maker
  16. YHWE Eloheenu - Lord Our GOD
  17. YHWE Shammah - Lord Our Present
  18. YHWE Mekadishkem - Lord Our Sanctuary

Ask the old church fathers where their mathematics went wrong because I count eighteen and not three.  Yet He is ONE God.

People read a sentence "our Father and Saviour" and then count two persons but not when George Bush is "husband and president."  Why the difference?

The Bible does NOT teach a "godhead" and the original word was Godhood. 

We were made in His image and we are spirit that has a mind and lives in a body.  There is the only trinity ever taught in the Bible, not three persons.

Isaiah 11:2 says about the singular person with many job descriptions of Isaiah 9:6 that (1) the Spirit of God rests upon Him.  A spirit of (2) wisdom and (3) understanding, of (4) counsel and (5) strength, of (6) knowledge and (7) fear of the Lord.

Now we see in Revelation a scene that depicts the FUNCTION of God, not a group meeting as the church would have it!  What we see there:

  • Father as KING on the throne
  • Lamb (as IF slain) with seven eyes which are the SEVEN spirits of the Lord (Isaiah 11:2)

Here we see all we need to know, that God fulfills every need of the entire creation as His omnipotence is displayed in that He has all authority, all wisdom, sacrificed Himself (and needed a human body to do it in) and then rose again. 

The Lamb is standing as if slain. If have been to a farm or abattoir, you will know that no lamb is standing around after having been slaughtered.  What makes this significant is that this Lamb looks as if slain BUT He is standing upright!

Finally since we know that God is Spirit and He is One, why would He need another called Holy Spirit?  Is He not already the Holy Spirit

Sadly, it also is the misconceived trinity teaching that has NO Biblical foundation that keeps especially Jews and Muslims from accepting the Living God Jesus as their Saviour.