Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Preach It, Parker!

One of the best sermons I ever heard had flowed through a Parker Model 45 fountain ink pen.

I used to love my 45 that had taken me from seventh grade and beyond, for perhaps a decade, until a client one evening "seemingly needed it" while I went to the bathroom.  That was during the late 1980's and I was still a child in faith.

A 45 had the exact shape and counterweight with the cap on at the back while I was writing and did I write very fast but extremely neatly!

I sorely missed my 45!   John Wayne had a Colt .45 Peacemaker but this one wrote love letters, not fire bullets, to settle a score.

On my way to work, one morning, the thought crossed my mind to ask our Lord for a Parker 45.  Immediately, rational me waived the thought aside, as nagging the Lord about a triviality while He was busy managing births, deaths, orbiting planets and irrigating crops where needed, seemed petty.  Then I thought: "How will I ever know if I didn't ask; maybe he WANTED me to have my heart's desire?"

I prayed as I was traveling to work and arrived a bit early.  I was surprised to find one of the three Managing Partners in the "Bored Room" with clients.  As I was an independent consultant, he was a bit shy to ask me if I would run him an errand to Palladium Stationers.

(When I was just six years old, I was sent into the big town of Worcester that we had just moved to from a faraway farming community. I had the hiding of my lifetime when I returned home with no money and just pens and stationery. Pritt.  I bought a Pritt glue stick. Great stuff!  My tan was hided or was my hide tanned?  Not sure; it hurt!)

So I went shopping and what do I see at Palladium?  Smack in the entrance, so that one needed to pass either side of it, was a huge pen display with a Parker Model 45 in the middle!

Of course I bought it and got MORE than I asked as this one had a stainless steel cap with a golden inlay.  I did not get what I asked but received more...........reminds one of Paul's Hebrews.blogspot.bib doesn't it?

I don't have a 45 any longer as someone else needed one again. I also did not ask for one again.

What I have learned is that HE is is in the details, not the devil.  And that we need to be specific when we pray!