Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Church Defined

We begin this journey in Jerusalem. Jesus was taken up in the clouds recently and they were gathered in the upper room when the Holy Spirit was poured out upon them.

A Kingdom Established

He was taken up into the skies, then two men appeared, saying the He would return as He had left. So it happened.

After a few days, the Holy Spirit was poured out on those who waited. The church was born, His kingdom established upon earth and, as Paul wrote on his blog, we started ruling with Him!

It reminds of how Elisha saw Elijah come by, slaughtered his ox, barbecued it on the embers of his plough and greeted his parents, never to see them again. It takes discipline and faith to take such a radical step. Seek ye first His kingdom.......

Communalism Introduced

Soon, communalism was established. Like Jesus said to the rich young man, these people sold whatever they owned and pooled the proceeds. There was no lack.

Then a husband and wife cheated with a piece of land, trying to cheat on the Holy Spirit. Soon, they were dead! It reminds of the man who had buried a treasure in a corner of his tent, causing the defeat of the Israel. Seek ye first His kingdom........

God's Economy

Haggai delivered a decisive message from the Lord, stating that we have lack because we do not build His temple first. The accusation is that we lived in houses of faced stonework and wood paneling, while His house lies in ruin.

The promise is given that blessing will follow when the foundations of the Temple is lain, which is what I am doing here, just as thousands of others are doing it. Seek ye first His kingdom.......

Is It Sin To Have Assets?

By no margin is it sin to have wealth, yet the legal position is that nothing belongs to either you or me, but to the Lord alone. We are merely in a fiduciary capacity and, if He calls upon you to give all you have, you simply will have to do it. Does this sadden you? Think how the yuppie geek in Jerusalem had felt. Seek ye first His Kingdom........

Abraham was blessed, so was Job and others. RG (Bob) Le Tourneau, inventor of the bulldozer lost his shirt so many times but ended up wealthy beyond imagination. Even the 5% he eventually kept for himself was so much that he gave most of that away as well! He did sign a contractual partnership agreement with God.

Independent of any external influence, I made a covenant with our Lord Jesus soon after I was reborn on February 10, 1985. It was during the night of February 12-13, 1985, that I committed forty percent of my net after-tax income to Him. At the time of wiring this as a disabled person, I can attest thereto that my sole personal income, the monthly state disability grant, is US$100, $40 of which is used to provide the Internet access it requires to be the missionary I am called to be. No breach of contract from my side, my 40% goes to His work! Seek ye first His kingdom.......

Animosity in Heaven

The wealth of the Vatican gets lamented daily, as I see one post after another stream by. It is just strange that nobody mentions the tremendous wealth of some Protestant churches, pastors, televangelists, etc. In Jeremiah it is said that their fraud is what fattens them.

Fraud in the temple? Yes! Malachi lamented, saying that “if only someone would nail shut the doors of the Temple!” He continued by challenging us to take a sick or lame animal as an offering to the White House, or to the Queen of England, or to President Vladimir Putin, or President Robert Mugabe. Imagine showing up there with a lame duck or a dead chicken under the arm; will the royal leaders be glad to see you?

Malachi goes on by saying that His people defraud Him, they rob Him, by being untruthful in their supporting of His work, as they keep the best to themselves.

While being wealthy, or even owning a house or a car is no sin, not serving Him with your net worth is stealing from Jesus. Just know that you do not own a thing, as even earning it through hard work is a privilege through Grace. Seek ye His kingdom first........

The Lazy Butts

The Bible never teaches that those who do not work, should not be eating. It only addresses laziness, by clearly stating that those who do not want to work, should not be eating!
Who do I give to?

  • Widows – in my book by death or divorce
  • Orphans – by death or divorce
  • Levites – the unpaid workers in His field, such as organic missionaries, of which I am one
  • Foreigner – the brother or sister from afar, who is in need, of which I am one

Seek ye His kingdom first........


Partner formally with God. Close a notarized Joint Venture Agreement with Him, or formally donate shares to a non-profit that serves His church of Acts and be sure to declare dividends when the financial year ends. Assume the position of Deputy President and accept a resolution to appoint Jesus as Senior President in your company, be it enterprise or a one-man garden services initiative.

Apply the same principle throughout. Seek ye His kingdom first!

Lead By Example

We sold our home at a slight loss, sold or gave away all our furniture, gave our very decent low mileage Mercedes-Benz away and stepped out in faith. My family and I were sent just like we see in Luke Ten.

We took no purse, proclaimed His peace upon our arrival, shared His Word and His love, but left when we were not given any to eat. We lived out in the open through terrible winters, with Antarctic cold fronts arriving in Africa to turn our beds into streams and left us shivering could.

Largely, here on Google+, we had found the same. There were many proclaiming tremendous faith but went silent when challenged to prove it. Saddened by the prospect of losing net worth, they fled into the shadows. Mostly, we live in utter lack. Having tested some 34 churches in my city, our Lord had led me to Google+, interestingly not really to Facebook or Twitter.

I had showed my obedience to God, I did as was expected of the rich young man. Nobody says you must go live under a bridge or in a tent in the mountains. As, if all people release the currency that is soon bound to fail and let go of any excess, there will be sufficient for all, including your good self.

You are the only church we have, the rising church of Acts. Partner with us to teach His righteousness and His love to the ends of the earth. Seek ye His kingdom first...

Support Our Mission or That of Others

We minister to the public, as the marketplace is our mission field. You do not have to support us, but please target His children as your first priority. The poor will always be with us, use the perfume from the alabaster flask for Him.

Our vision is to expand my wife's jewelry business into a formal retail shop where coffee, confectionery, light meals and other hand craft also get sold. The shop will be regular retail but, as is our custom, we will not sell magic charms, for instance. Instead, we find that there always will be someone needing a shoulder, or a listening ear, as well as a word of wisdom and encouragement. The current market we have is narrow and vertical because we are bound to a small area in a city of almost four million people. We are in need of an economical vehicle that will allow us to work in a radius of about a hundred miles, doing day trips a few times per month.

Further information upon request.

Seek ye His kingdom first!