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Each of us is a unique person.  To find your exact double, you will need to add five more "Planet Earths" and traverse all six of them, to find someone who looks, acts, thinks or believes exactly as you do.

You have started out by beating 400 million others in that swimming competition.  Four hundred million possible lives sent out by your Dad, to conquer and invade a single egg released by your mother.  They lost the contest and you had won hands-down, unless you are twins, triplets, etc.

When the egg and the sperm went into business, a new life was formed biologically.  I also believe that something else had happened, in that a spirit was added to the new biological life which is you.

See, we are essentially spirit and we have existed forever and a day, yet we were born into the human realm on a given day.  

Your uniqueness also is no coincidence.  You were sent to earth with a purpose, with a calling and a destiny.  Surely, you did not "just happen."

In my DutchUncle Talk blog, I will try to discuss aspects of human life that are essential for you to find meaning, to set your GPS to the right coordinates, so that you can finally reach your destiny after having completed your mission here.

One day, when the silver cord snaps and you are released back into the spirit realm like a hot air balloon, you my find yourself exit through a tunnel, similar to the one that you had used to get here!

Let is find meaning of life, so that our lives may have meaning.

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