Friday, 9 January 2015

Omnipresence For Dummies



When asked to define time, a professor in Physics will answer that time is distance.

When we understand that time is distance, we will be able to uncover and understand a bit about the mythical, elusive presence we generally call "GOD."

Scientists generally do not understand why the universe(s) expand in an orderly way, or even why it is expanding at all. In fact, the scientist's expectation would be one of implosion, not expansion.

The Bible gives us some hints about the nature of God:
  • He encamps around us 
  • He fills heaven and earth 
  • He has the "Spirit" of God – Isaiah 11:2 
  • He is both Father and Son – Isaiah 9:6 
  • He is everywhere 
  • He is spirit 
  • He keeps heaven and earth in its place 
  • He refers to the astrological signs which 
  • He had created – and told us not to worship these but to have faith in Him alone! 
  • He set the boundaries of heavenly objects 
  • Nothing is greater than He, therefore nothing can be outside Him! 

If He even outsize the universe(s), we are talking about an entity of immense dimensions and seemingly also ever-expanding! 

Let us be practical. 

Nicola Tesla discovered and measured the tremendous warped energy fields that act to keep heavenly bodies in their various orbits, all expanding in an orderly manner. 

Norberto Keppe invented his Scalar Motor that, as he states it, "draws energy from God." Keppe is a famous psychoanalyst from Brazil. 

Christianity is worshipping a God unbeknown to themselves, as they follow ideas introduced by men and much of which is contradictory to His Word. 

Let us take a closer look. 

IF our God is Spirit, it means that He is not visible to the naked human eye and that much we already know. If nothing is greater than He and if He fills all "space", it means that He is present everywhere at the same time. As there is no distance between Him and anything else, it also means that there is NO TIME in existence in His realm! It is a perfectly logical conclusion to a simple problem of omnipresence. 

Need we say more?