Monday, 19 January 2015

Strangers call us Mom & Dad!

We are free ranging, organic Christians and we make a living by creating fashion jewelery and sell these at rock-bottom prices to those who want to look good but cannot afford it.  It also guarantees an income when higher priced items won't sell at all.

Many of our customers are young adults who come from other countries in Africa, or at least from other towns and provinces within South Africa.

Over the years, we had made numerous friends and were adopted as "parents" by most of these, as we are always ready to listen and offer advice, give a hug and just love them.  By now, some of our "children" are in Germany, the USA, UK and practically all over the world. 

There always is a new one or ten to enter our hearts, where they can roam free and rave, rant, throw tantrums, expressing their fears, anger, frustrations and hope.  To us, this is lovely as we really love each and everyone of them.  My "darlingmost wificle" sometimes forget names when she is over exhausted but the face remains in her mind and that young one's heart is safe in ours.

Never will we feed them any religion other than the Love of Jesus and even that is not right-in-your-face, ever.  If we cannot walk the talk, talk should not happen and, when we walk the talk, talk is hardly ever necessary!

Some days, by around 5pm or even later, there was not a single sale but much witnessing had happened, advice given, precious young hearts caressed and massaged with the Love of Jesus.  Then, and only then, does she have sales to meet the demand for daily rent and a little extra for food.  It is not much of a life materially, but we are extremely wealthy in His Love as we get showered with it by "children" who love us and give meaning to our lives.

They have observed us over the years and saw that my "Mufinki" and I are inseparable, still holding hands when we go about our daily routine and really love each other.  That gives THEM hope and I always end up explaining that a love triangle is essential as it is Jesus in the middle who keeps us together!

Oh, do we love them all!