Friday, 30 January 2015

Shaking Things Up In America

I am a white African living in the southern regions of the independent country of South Africa, yet North- and South America are constantly in my mind.

The Lord had commissioned me for this task and had called me to go in secret like Gideon went into battle and Jesus to the festival.  He had removed us from all friends and relatives, even the local faith community.  My brothers had put me in a well because I am a dreamer like Joseph and Daniel.   The "divorce" from my loved ones and even support base has been a long and very painful process.

Following the "divorce", came a process of hiding in the caves of Abdullam, which is where I am now at.  During this process, I had time for healing

Yet the Lord said He was going to provide us with a new family, a family cleansed in His blood and immersed in His Spirit, a people with a circumcised heart and a passionate love for His house.

Ever since I was a child, I had a keen interest in the Americas.  Prairies, Pampas, Rockies, Andes, Arizona, Atacama....all exotic names promising adventure. 

We had a wonderful encyclopedia set at home entitled "Children of the World."  It was available only in my mother tongue and it contained the history, geography, demographics and culture of almost every one of the world's countries.   I would spend many a long winter day or night poring over the glossy page, drinking in knowledge of the big world out there.  As my country only received television about a decade later, this was a most wonderful pastime that had, as I know now, educated me and prepared me for doing His work now, some forty years later.

The Americas with their icy Alaska, tropical Hawaii, a Panama channel and a Cape Horn.  A man on the smiling moon.


Many people, mostly Americans themselves, say such bad things about the US of America.  Some of it perhaps deserved, even justified yet so very sad.

Our Lord loves all living across the Americas and on the numerous tropical paradises either side of it.  He has a plan for you, a hope and a future, when you seek Him with all your heart – we all know Jeremiah 29:11-13.

In days, years or decades to come, turmoil is coming your way but there is a hope and a future, a place prepared in the wilderness, as so accurately described in Isaiah 18.

Our Lord had sent the Dutch to Africa to prepare the safe(r) haven in the wilderness.  He had sent them to also reap the diamonds, gold and other riches to build His temple and much of it did happen, yet the British came and impounded His wealth, they also brought with them Karl Marx in person and established communism which, in turn, led to the introduction of the pro-Nazi apartheid.   When Christians around the world believed the inverted truth as presented by the immensely well-organized Soviet propaganda, they freed communism and the bottom line is that God's resources now belong to various communist regimes in Asia where it effectively is being used to fund the rising Antichrist.

Christians owe God an explanation and an apology, I presume.

In His great love, our Lord will balance the scales and make up for the losses in His own miraculous ways.  We need not be concerned as He had already made the decision and gave the outcome.  It is now up to us to move into a position to be blessed, to be accommodated in the safety of His refuge until He returns

As a rational, logical person not easily impressed by all sorts of paranoia that so easily easily grabs the attention of gullible folks, I still have to say that I have an absolute faith in His true prophets as we find in His Word.  Back in those days, there were enough false prophets and sorcerers about, yet many true prophets walked the earth then and also now, as announced by the true prophet Joel.

However, I am not here because of my own visions or that of others, but rather as someone called by our Lord through Scripture, inner conviction and all the usual ways our Lord speaks to us.  Dreams and visions, however accurate, are not my main compass, ever, although we see how Maria and Joseph and others had in such a way.

The Lord showed me to travel to the Americas and meet with small groups, bind the Satan, anoint them and then fly them back to the wilderness refuge.  I really do not have the details, just the instruction.  It will not happen overnight as I was show that it happens over a long time, but then I received this commissioning perhaps six years ago.

As you will see below, I had a scary vision about the USA splitting into two sides.  I will not even speculate whether this is literal or figurative, as it can just as easily be either or both.  Others had this vision as well and therefore this really is not really unique, just conformation of others' visions.

What about rapture?  I don't want to open a can of worms and start a flame war.  I just listen to the direct words of Jesus Himself in Matthew 24:29-31, where HE said that immediately AFTER the tribulations...............therefore the principle of the desert refuge that had been true over many dispensations in the Bible.  It is a general principle with specific outcomes, situation dependent.

I am greeting you in the name of Jesus the Christ, our Lord and Master, with His peace and His great Love.


PS:  Please spread this amongst your trusted fellow believers.  My previous letter included below, should you not have received it.


I will try to be brief.  Please do bear with me as I share my vision with you. Our Lord had called me in

Please follow  the link to the prophet and WW3 predictions, USA, Pacific Rim, etc.  Don't be fooled by the title; there is much about the USA and other countries. 

The old prophet is the only one in modern times that I know of, who so far had been 100% accurate.

Our Lord has called me to prepare the way for His people.  Time is of the essence and you may also have noticed that even He seems to give someone a chance, perhaps two and then move on when there is no compliance.  The harvest is ripe and no watering or fertilizing is required.

So many times, I had been given the measurements of the Temple.  Also, a graphical presentation of the state of the broad church, which just emphasizes common knowledge.

One of my visionary dreams showed the USA being split into two.  To this day, I am not sure whether this is meant to be figurative or literal.  What did strike me was when I had learned a few years later that many others had a similar vision, all of them Americans.  It showed the USA split from around Chicago down to perhaps Baton Rouge, but this is a rough estimate as all was so destroyed that known landmarks were not visible. Two tectonic plates first drawing apart and then collide, to form two ridges with a deep valley in between, exposing molten lava.

The real shock came when I told a US scientist about it and she then took me to the New Madrid fault line.  Pictures she had sent me matched with what I had seen and, over time, I would meet others online who had seen even more detail, much scarier than my own visions.

See the faded black strip running through the fault line; this is more or less the entire area of division.  I lack the English to explain the parallel mountain ranges that will be formed and especially the resulting rift valley in between, with cracks in the earth crus along its length, exposing molten rock below.

As I have said, it could be a matter of inference and only time will tell. I think, given the fact that many other believers were given similar dreams, it should come as a waning to those prudent enough to pay attention.  Prophecies many times are warnings and we as saints can pray and act to prevent or lessen disaster, be it of a personal nature or of global magnitude.

Also, I am not the only one.  I will provide links here even though I did not read or watch any of these.  You decide.

Contrary to popular rapture belief, clearly refuted by Jesus Himself (Matt 24:29-31)there will be great turmoil upon earth and He will, as in the past, take His elect to a relatively safe refuge in the wilderness.  This is where I am living; the entire southern region will become a heimat for His obedient believers.

This is where you and your loved ones will migrate to and await the return of the Lord.  My function is to liaise between the American church and the local administration as well as being the paymaster, something I am very experienced in, for the practical "temple building" on this side.

After I was saved by Jesus on February 10, 1985, I had made a covenant with Him on the late evening of the 12th. My covenant was a promise to share a large portion of after-tax income with His work provided my own debts are erased and I also requested immense wisdom and unequaled faith.

All was granted immediately but He does not do Fedex so I had to walk a painful path of tribulation and extreme sacrifice, a season during which my faith had grown, I have gained discernment and understanding but the wealth for His kingdom had been elusive.  Isaiah 23:17-18, Isaiah 45:14, and many others.

Of course, as predicted by Haggai, I first needed to lay the foundation. This letter is exactly that:  formally laying the Temple foundation.  At this stage, it is not known what the scope of the eventual greater project will be and I only know what is needed now.  We need to get established after our sixteen year trek of being homeless for much of the time and having lost all we ever had.  It may seem presumptuous but I am not asking for money, but for intercessory prayer to petition for:

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