Saturday, 14 February 2015

Feast of the Purple Dragon

over yonder across the crystal river
the new jerusalem the city of adonai
golden domes and minarets
gates of jasper and onyx and pearl
pillars studded with emeralds and diamonds
rubies and opal sit side by side
golden gates framed on choicest woods
cypress and oak, birch and beech
mother of pearl clads city walls

at the entrance she lays
slain to morbidity
at the gates
of the pearly gated city
inside her a drunken feast
feasting maggots within the beast
trampling another writhing with lust
let us devour from inside her milky bust
ivory madonna and her babes
scarlet harlot in red
finally the whore the whore is dead
the supposed saints given to ecstasy
in their futile fatal gorging of rotten flesh
feasting the drunken orgy of mothers death
so preoccupied they never realise she is dead
still inside her body like the bible said
they are subject to her curse
in written rhyme and verse
their mood is high their end is nigh
oblivious to the bottomless pit
at the cliff's edge the cadavers sit

lonesome levite from afar
small as a twinkling little star
she come bearing her bags
filled with handed down weary rags
the old laptop a donor sent
still at the hinges bent
so he got himself a new
donated the broken to steeple and pew

on she comes
sweet stench of rotten corpse fills the air
how on earth will I get past there?
at the pearly gates she sees
careful now, a crevasse, on her knees
stealthily stalking by
to the haven in the sky!

levite girl mission africa
cross-bearer from pacifica
her poverty forgotten
at the feet of The Begotten
finally she is freed of hunger
delivered from cold and lack
there even is a new laptop in her pack!

the gates now firmly close
outside are the feasting those
destined for the pit and fire
to incinerate their selfish desire

that is your path, fake religious
you are contented prestigious
your end will be disaster
no nardus from alabaster
did we not heal in your name
no, you were seeking fame
robbing the poor all the same
go into never ending flame

inside the Everly City
no pain no pity
angels on gibson lead guitars
stroking the musical bars
bands of drum and fender bass
trumpeteering His grace
humans angels harmonize
they had won the only prize
joyful their song in heaven!