Friday, 9 January 2015

Blessed Beyond Recognition

A lady, upon her return from a meeting, can describe every attendee in
detail. Their different hairstyles, attire, accessories, what shoes
different people were wearing and even what kind of wristwatches or
mobile phones they had. Ladies are alert in ways we men can't imagine.

So this lady saw a gentleman and presumed he was the gardener. It was
only when he spoke up that she realized she was speaking to Jesus! How
is it that she did not recognize the very man whom she had accompanied
upon his travels for years and served him meals, did his laundry and sat
at his feet, listening to his many stories?

The same Jesus who was beaten to a pulp, with pieces of his flesh torn
out when beaten repeatedly, holes in his hands and feet and a spear that
had entered his side. So, you tell me where the signs of brutal torture
went within a few days? No blemish, no bruise, no open cuts.

Something happened but few have noticed.

He had risen with a completely healed, glorified and sanctified body.

Christianity is still stuck at the cross, observing limp, lifeless
flesh, beaten into submission of death, defeated.

And there is no power in that!

Christianity is mossing out upon the risen Jesus riding his horse, with
a double0edged sword coming from his mouth. He is victorious,
triumphant but few see this.

If you still worship the dead Jesus, maybe is that why your faith is in
deficit? Is that why your teaching is powerless?

Contemplate. Visualize.

See if you can recognize the Jesus I know! :-)

See the Jesus who was Blessed Beyond Recognition! :-)